~The Recording Session~

This CD was made on an extremely tight budget and so I did not have the luxury of producing it in the conventional way. I had some technical knowledge and decided to take on the jobs of producer, recording engineer, graphic designer, etc (not to mention pianist!). It was a monstrous undertaking full of difficulties and near disasters, but in the end produced an album praised by many classical recording engineers, and which truly captures the essence of my music.

I spent months researching acoustics, microphones, and all the other critical ingredients. Through Internet forums I received fantastic advice from many seasoned engineers. I also decided to shoot video as well- for this my brothers were a tremendous help and now a DVD is on target to be released this fall.

The recording was done in an acoustically superb concert hall hidden away in the Appalachian mountains.

Being short on cash I decided to be still more ambitious by recording everything in a single day, but luck was not on my side....

The piano technician who was scheduled to work on the Steinway called me up a day and a half before the recording session... "how’s it going?"... "funny you should ask, I just had a heart attack and woke up from surgery".

Finding a last minute substitute for a Sunday morning in the Bible Belt was not easy. But after talking to about every piano tech in a 40 mile radius, I found a guy who turned out to be great. I was prepared to do the tuning and minor adjustments myself, but this replacement was certainly a much better technician than I, and even very affordable.

I was told heavy rain would be audible in the concert hall, so having to book in advance was quite a gamble. And of course the morning we arrived to record it was raining. We had to wait to get in while security was finishing breakfast, and once we did get in it took a while to find the piano which had disappeared from the concert hall.

Next the key which was supposed to be left to open the acoustic curtains (very important) was nowhere to be found. But knowing just enough about electricity I managed to open up the big control box, find some discarded wire, and jump the key switch- tricking the control box into thinking the key was in place. ...Page 2