While Good Folk Sleep - CD

"Shirley's performances are beyond cavil, as his technique, interpretive skills and sense for color are exceptional. If he were only a pianist, I would guess he could have a major career on the concert stage. The sound reproduction on the disc is excellent. This CD can certainly be recommended to keyboard enthusiasts who want to sample a new and possibly important voice among modern composers."
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Piano Music Composed & Performed 
by Nathan Shirley

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(Music in this video- "Mirrors")

This DVD includes all performances from the CD and more!

The CD features 38 tracks, totaling 77 minutes of original piano music composed over a 10 year period. It was recorded in the Scott Concert Hall of the Porter Center in Brevard, North Carolina on March 6th, 2011 on a Steinway D.  Read the story of the recording session

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