The Listening Room

This video contains the entire album While Good Folk Sleep. You may skip to any of the 38 tracks by selecting one on the video screen. Enjoy!

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Track List-

1. Images- God the Father
2. Images- Judith With the Head of Holofernes
3. Images- Mary Magdalen
4. Images- St Francis In the Wilderness
5. Images- St Cecilia
6. Images- The Resurrection of Lazarus
7. Images- The Virgin of the Rosary
8. Images- The Spirit of Samuel
9. Images- St Catherine
10. Images- St Michael Defeating the Devil
11. Twilight On the Lake
12. The Seven Modes- Locrian v.1
13. The Seven Modes- Phrygian
14. The Seven Modes- Aeolian
15. The Seven Modes- Dorian
16. The Seven Modes- Mixolydian
17. The Seven Modes- Ionian
18. The Seven Modes- Lydian
19. The Seven Modes- Locrian v.2
20. Cultus
21. States of Mind- Grief
22. States of Mind- Contentment
23. States of Mind- Dreaming
24. States of Mind- Frenzy
25. Mirrors
26. The Black Cat Suite- Demonic Rage
27. The Black Cat Suite- Phantasm
28. The Black Cat Suite- Happiness?
29. The Black Cat Suite- Night-Mare Incarnate
30. The Black Cat Suite- Dread of the Beast
31. The Black Cat Suite- Corpse Walled Up In the Cellar
32. The Black Cat Suite- From the Throats of the Damned
33. Toccata
34. While Good Folk Sleep- Nightly Breeze
35. While Good Folk Sleep- Lunatic
36. While Good Folk Sleep- Apparition
37. While Good Folk Sleep- Before Dawn
38. The Beast